Patient Instructions (Amber sites)

Site address - Ainsdale Village Surgery, 2 Leamington Road, Ainsdale, Ainsdale, PR8 3LB

You have been given an appointment for Clinical assessment.

You must be able to make your own way– do not use public transport or a taxi. Use your own car if possible or walk.

  • Please attend alone or with only one other person/carer if strictly necessary
  • Please ensure you bring your phone.
  • Please arrive for your appointment as near to your allocated time as possible.
  • Please use your own toilet and have a drink before you leave the house.
  • Please drive to:

Ainsdale Village Surgery, 2 Leamington Road, Ainsdale, Southport PR8 3LB.


Park in the carpark and wait in the car.

If you arrive by foot you will be asked to wait in the isolation room

The Clinician will telephone you at the time of your appointment to ensure you have arrived and conduct a telephone consultation. 

DO NOT leave your vehicle unless you have been asked to by the clinician.

If NECESSARY, the Clinician will take you onto site for further examination

There will not be any curtains around the examination couch for infection control purposes

A chaperone will be available

  • If patients are coughing/sneezing they will be given tissues and a plastic bag for disposal and a face mask
  • If medication is prescribed, please arrange for someone without symptoms of Covid-19 to collect for you
  • Contact time with the Clinician will be limited to the smallest time possible, to ensure limited exposure.
  • Please do not ask about other medical matters or questions unrelated to the problem you are attending with.
  • The Clinician will give you clear instruction at the end of the consultation and may follow this up with a telephone call.

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