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What is the Sefton Training Hub

Training hubs are designed to meet the educational needs of the multi-disciplinary primary care team, and bring together NHS organisations, community providers and local authorities.

This will provide a much broader education than the traditional single professional approach and will also support workforce planning. Training hubs will be an essential vehicle of workforce transformation due to their ability to engage multiple general practice organisations and provide consistent education and workforce planning support. 

These are networks of education and service providers (NHS and non-NHS) based in the community. They are tasked with increasing capacity for future workforce training in the community and the development of the current and future workforce around the needs of a regionally defined population.

Training hubs, Advanced Training Practices, Enhanced Training Practices and Community Education Provider Networks can be used interchangeably to refer to ‘Training hubs’ activity.

As we identify solutions to common barriers and build on an agreed funding framework, our local offices are best placed to implement training hub initiatives that allow some variation in approach through a common operating model across England.

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Primary Care Academy

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The Chesire and Merseyside Primary Care Academy (PCA) supports the delivery of a highly skilled and satisfied workforce whilst creating opportunities and career pathways, leading to desirable working environments for NHS primary and community care workforce in order to better meet the current and future needs of the Cheshire & Merseyside population.

The Primary Care Academy is a vehicle for workforce transformation and sits at the heart of general practice through its six Enhanced Training Hubs that are based in the communities across Cheshire and Merseyside.

Primary Care Academy website provides information for:

  • Anyone considering a career in the NHS who wants to learn more about "out of hospital" career choice

  • Existing NHS employees about the education and training opportunities available in primary care

  • Primary Care Employers to access information about workforce initiatives including guides, toolkits and available resources


We are looking to recruit practices, who may wish to accommodate a student Physician’s Associate on a clinical placement. ​ Physician Associates will have a biomedical science degree and complete a 2 year PGDip PA programme. Physician Associates will come to you with a ‘fitness to work package’, which includes all occupational health checks, DBS, CPR training and indemnity. If you would like further information on Physician Associate's or are interested in taking students on a clinical placement, please contact Sam Sweetnam at 1 collapse0

A nursing student’s placement is a vital part of their learning experience. Getting it right can contribute greatly to the development of individual students, as well as the team and organisational culture they are working in. ​ By promoting excellent nursing practice, and a positive working culture among your existing staff, your trust can provide a high quality and enriching placement experience for student nurses. This can help attract staff with the right values to your organisation, encourage retention, improve morale and address issues which are critical factors in the provision of outstanding patient care. If you would like further information on student nurses or are interested in taking nurses on placement, please contact Sam Sweetnam or Maggi Bradley on the following contact information; ETH Coordinator - or Lead Nurse Mentor - 2 collapse1

The Primary Care Academy Apprenticeship Programme is based at Bollington Medical Centre in East Cheshire. They cover all 12 CCG's across Cheshire and Merseyside. They aim to highlight to GP Practices the benefits of bringing and apprentice into their workforce. They are currently offering partial salary funding for Administration, Health Care Assistant and Management Apprenticeships. If you would like further information on this or general information on the apprenticeship process please contact Faye Horobin at or call on 01625 562 294 If you are interested in becoming one of our apprentices in these or any other roles within Primary Care please also contact Faye Horobin at the contact details above. 3 collapse2

The Primary Care Academy GP Assistant Programme is based at The Spinney Training Hub in St Helens. They cover all 12 CCG's across Cheshire and Merseyside. The Spinney Training Hub successfully secured this pilot via HEE in 2017. They designed a framework to enable GP practices to upskill existing staff to the role of a GP assistant. The role supports the GP in clinical and non-clinical work reducing the admin burden on the GP and supporting streamlined working in the practice. So far 41 learners have gone on to complete the framework with a further 50 due to graduate imminently. HEE have decided to roll the pilot nationally as of April 2019 which will see a further 40 practices be offered this opportunity across the North West. Please click here for the flyer on GP Assistants or follow this link for a short video on how the GPA role works. If you would like further information on the GP Assistant role, please contact 4 collapse3

Physician Associate Graduate Preceptorship Guidance - Click here 5 collapse4

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