Thursday, 13 June 2024

Bringing Dementia Awareness to Southport and Formby

On 11th June, Southport and Formby Health had the unique opportunity to host the Dementia Bus, an innovative educational experience aimed at helping healthcare professionals understand what it’s like to live with dementia.

Organised by Sefton Training Hub, the event invited staff from local nursing homes, student nurses, and enhanced health in care homes staff to step aboard the Virtual Dementia Tour Bus. Created by Training 2 CARE, this tour uses scientifically proven methods to simulate the sensory and cognitive challenges faced by people living with dementia. The goal is to enhance empathy and understanding among healthcare workers, leading to better care and support for those living with dementia.

The bus features advanced technology that alters participants' senses, offering a realistic depiction of the daily struggles of people living with dementia. This hands-on experience is part of a larger effort to improve dementia care across Southport and Formby.

Healthcare workers who participated were deeply moved by the experience. Maggi Bradley, Clinical Lead Nurse at Sefton Training Hub said the dementia experience was “Thought provoking, frightening and insightful. We should all do this!”

This event is in line with Sefton Training Hub's mission to enhance the skills and understanding of the primary care workforce in Sefton. By offering transformative training opportunities like this, the Training Hub aims to build a more compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare community, better equipped to support those living with dementia.

Sefton Training Hub is dedicated to bringing advanced training and educational resources to the local primary care workforce. The visit of the Dementia Bus is a significant step forward, promising improved care and empathy for dementia patients in the future.