Thursday, 25 January 2024

Enhanced Health in Care Homes Recognised as a Model of Excellence in NHS England Webinar

Southport and Formby Health's commitment to delivering outstanding community health services was spotlighted on January 19, 2024, when Dr. Beth Pennington, GP lead for the Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) team, participated in the NHS England regular community health services webinar.

These webinars serve as a vital platform for healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the latest updates from NHS England’s Community Services Team, fostering the exchange of good practices and promoting networking within community health services. Dr. Pennington seized the opportunity to showcase the impactful work of the Southport and Formby EHCH team, positioning it as a noteworthy case study.

The EHCH service model employed in Southport and Formby stands out as unique, operating collaboratively across community services, GP practices, and hospital partners to ensure that patients in care homes receive tailored and timely support. Dr. Pennington's presentation not only highlighted the excellent work carried out by the team but also underscored the significance of the EHCH service in filling critical gaps in patient care.

Care providers who attended the presentation gave excellent feedback, including:

“Southport is such a brilliant example of how EHCH works well to prevent unplanned hospital admissions for care home residents.”

“We plan to build a refreshed repository of EHCH examples like this, recognising that local delivery will reflect the resources and populations they serve.”  

The success of the EHCH service in Southport and Formby has positioned it as an exemplar of best practice. Its collaborative approach has garnered interest from community healthcare providers looking to replicate a similar service model in their respective areas. The presentation in the NHS England webinar showcased Southport and Formby Health's dedication to innovation, excellence, and, most importantly, ensuring the well-being of patients in care homes.

As Southport and Formby Health continues to lead the way in community health services, the EHCH team's recognition in the NHS England webinar solidifies its position as a beacon of excellence and an inspiration for others seeking to enhance healthcare delivery in their communities.