Thursday, 05 October 2023

Patient Experience Network National Awards Shortlist 2023

Southport and Formby Health’s 7-Day GP Service AND Sefton Training Hub have been shortlisted for the prestigious Patient Experience Network (PEN) National Awards!

The 7-Day GP team has been shortlisted for the Measuring, Reporting and Acting and Using Insight to Improve Equality of Care categories for their work on improving appointment utilisation and patient experience throughout the 7-Day GP Service.

Their successful shortlisting comes from their aim to understand both their patient’s and GP practice needs to create a fair process for allocating appointments and to provide a positive patient experience for everybody.

The Sefton Training Hub has been shortlisted twice for the Patient Experience Educator of Tomorrow category with “A student led approach to improving healthcare for Mental Health Patients and those with Learning Difficulties in a Primary Care setting” and “Sefton Training Hub PA Preceptorship: A Southport & Formby Health Ltd and Southport & Ormskirk Trust partnership in supporting newly qualified PAs”.

The Sefton Training Hub’s successful shortlisting occurs from the team’s desire to improve placement provision within primary care across Sefton and is building a future where everybody contributes to and can benefit from lifelong training. The hub gives students, and health professionals the opportunity to develop their skills through trailblazing placement and training.

We are thrilled that the Sefton Training Hub and the 7-Day GP Service have been shortlisted for the award and will be celebrating their achievement at the final on 28th September in a special live event day hosted at the University of Birmingham.

Congratulations and good luck to the Sefton Training Hub and the 7-Day GP Service, we wish them the best of luck at the Patient Experience Network National Awards final at the end of September!

The Patient Experience Network National Awards are the first and only awards programme to recognise best practice in patient experience across all facets of health and social care in the UK. 2023 is the 13th year of the Patient Experience Network National Awards, once again celebrating the very best and brightest in the field of Patient Experience.