Thursday, 31 August 2023

Speak Up Month 2023

Freedom to Speak Up is for everyone who works here.

Speaking up enhances all our working lives and improves the quality and safety of care. Listening and acting upon matters raised means that Freedom to Speak Up will help us be a great place to work.

Speak Up Month in October is an opportunity to raise awareness of how much we value speaking up in our organisation. We see Freedom to Speak Up as fundamental to how we work and we want to be part of making speaking up business as usual across healthcare.

Breaking Barriers

The theme for Speak Up Month 2023 is “Breaking Barriers”. We will be focusing on removing the obstacles which people feel stop them from speaking up. Only by understanding and raising awareness of what these barriers are, can we then start to address them.

Fostering a culture of openness and psychological safety where everyone can feel confident and safe to speak up is business critical. All too often, we hear examples where people stay quiet for fear that speaking up may lead to mistreatment, or where workers feel speaking up is futile - that nothing will be done as a result.

Overcoming these barriers is essential, not just for our culture at work, but for people who use our services.

We’re working to remove the barriers that can stop people from speaking up, because everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.


Your Voice Matters - regardless of your background, position, or circumstances.  


By speaking up, you can help us learn and improve. By listening up, we can make sure we understand what needs to change. By following up we can ensure that our learning leads to action and make speaking up business as usual.

Let’s use this opportunity to speak up, listen up and follow up, whether that be:     connecting with colleagues, inviting your Freedom to Speak Up Guardian to a team meeting, or sharing something getting in the way of you doing a great job.


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